Thursday, 4 May 2017

Scots 'awa ?

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Read recently online. "The Scottish Deaf community is crying out for a regular TV sign language programme focusing on Scotland."

Apart from being unable to justify that request via any survey of viability, it's an interesting view!   Should devolved areas have own TV programs for the deaf?  It was a response to the BDA access... 

E.G. SEE HEAR has been going since the ice age and struggles to find content 6 months a year, and relies primarily on London support and content, the BSL Zone is unknown in Wales, and the BSLBT area has no viable HI input or asks for it.  It pays lip-service to universal access by captions that's all, the content is irrelevant to HI.  Inclusion isn't a part of the TV access suggestion or diversity, that has been overridden by cultural right.    Will 'BSL', be replaced with 'SSL'  e.g.  You cannot be both in and out.

SEE HEAR has got away with it for years, albeit initially, this was 'disabled' access mostly, they complained no disabled were actually in it, nor was content, and it was just deaf covering deaf clubs and deaf people that's all. Rights laws kept it on screen although program developers want it moved out of sight.

Wales has no BSL community to create such a program or has representation at the devolved Senedd. A welsh BSL Act hasn't taken off yet, maybe hasn't the support.  I suspect Ireland has and England.   I don't think the Scots, Welsh or Irish, have sufficient content or people to sustain sufficient interest, It would provide jobs for the 'Deaf' boys and gals, (Which I suppose is the real reason for it, as they can hardly throw open jobs to hearing without upsetting their representation), but would it be an inclusive program structure for all with hearing loss in Scotland ?

HoH have no social structure to display, Scots would have to re-create it,  but the BSL area has no viable interaction with HI.  No prizes for the correct answers.  With Brexit et al, why is the BDA not devolved itself ? or the AOHL?  The BSL Act in Scotland ignored HI there.  The charities endorsing Scot Deaf attainment?  Charities have rejected devolvement, and still promote as 'National' surely a sore point for Scotland? Will they demand a restructuring of UK charities to reflect devolution? or, face their withdrawal from Scotland who may well feel why support a charitable system that ignores Scotland's stance on independence?

Scotland, has it the wherewithal to replace with own charities and, could they fund and sustain them?   Wales relies on AOHL charity, their own local charities failed through lack of support, expertise, and funding.  The BDA failed recently supporting BSL users with the DWP, the RAD failed to set up..

Only national funding enables devolved areas a lot of support. If it was attempted in Wales they would leave.  If Scotland goes the way of the EU, and England doesn't, will the BBC or London provide Scots with any funding?  If Scotland is going independent, they must understand what real independence is and, the realities.  Just look up recent European Union anti-Brexit statements to see aspiration and practicality are poor bedfellows. 

ATR challenged the BDA/AOHL charities to respond on their position post-Brexit, and they wouldn't.  ATR DID get a response from the EUD, when the UK is out of EU the deaf are OUT too, and cannot benefit as they did before, because they are still classed as 'UK' members, and the UK is leaving the EU.

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