Friday, 12 May 2017

Health Access: HoH need not apply...

Image result for Deaf access at the GP surgeryAlthough complaints continue to go in regarding poor access and support, it appears access that already was installed is now being removed again due to 'Lack of demand' from Deaf and HoH people.

Quote: "My doctor's surgery has no systems to help the deaf/hearing impaired. At the moment the doctor or nurse comes out into the waiting room, there is also a 'squawk box' that some doctors use, which is totally incomprehensible to most people! There was discussion of installing a 'digital display' to let patients know when they were being called but it was never pursued. 

There is no hearing loop, portable or wired. I've been asked to come up with suggestions of what could be done. I will obviously suggest the digital display and hearing loop. I'd be grateful if people here could let me know of anything else I can mention? The waiting room is not the easiest layout in which to mount a digital display but am I right when I say that most people with hearing loss will position themselves where they can read a digital display if they need it? Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions."

Quote:  Mine has withdrawn what it had too,  which was a basic flashing light when a GP was available but not indicating which patient.  Now that is gone and replaced by a verbal alert system which I cannot access.  I was shocked basically because I used the threat of legal action to get access there, and only recently on a routine call  discovered it had gone again.  

At the time I had also complained the loops were not plugged in, because the surgery claimed no-one asked for them.  They are saying as we use the surgery rarely it simply isn't viable to install a sophisticated system just for us !  Apparently totally uniformed of the access law, despite my threats to use it.  

I had also complained that despite publishing in the surgery 43 alternative language support options Deaf and HoH options were not included.  I had asked why they were distributing flyers in Polish instead, they said they have few deaf or HoH requirements demanded but a lot of Polish migrants, the hospital also published considerable notifications of Polish support options but had not notified the deaf or HoH a new 'Card' was available to them so they can access support out of hours.  

I have sympathy with the original post, but, let us NOT concentrate ONLY on 'deaf access' but, access for all with hearing loss, this top-heavy demand for deaf access is hiding the fact most others have less access than they do.  I noticed 'its 'Deaf week' again another chance to sideline the HoH...... Why isn't there a hearing loss awareness week ? or even an inclusive approach ? aint gonna happen is it ... while 'deaf access' is the main theme every time."

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