Monday, 8 May 2017

Fake Deaf News

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It isn't just Russia, the UK and the USA undermining reality and facts, look at our own areas....  Top 5 porkies Deaf insist are true....

(1)  All deaf people can understand or use sign language.

(2) All HoH can hear with hearing aids, and Lip read.

(3) (UK) There are 11 million deaf and HoH.

(4)  Deaf people all belong to a culture and own Community.

(5) Cochlear Implants can replicate the human hearing experience...

But hang on ! these are all primary cultural deaf campaigns.....

With Facebook now giving us a fake news guide, where do I complain ?  I have 25 other 'Deaf statements' from online that are not true or sourced either.   (oops, Facebook!!  they are making money at it too..)

How about fake news and distortions via deliberate omission. As this is how most fake news is seen.  E.G. a long-standing statistic from the UK's major charity on hearing loss quotes 11m with that hearing loss issue.  

An area of deafness that includes sign language specifically also quotes that same statistic, but, in the last UK census, when their communication mode was introduced as a question, nowhere near their lowest number, (only 15,000),  declared they used sign language daily, today they are quoting anything from 45K to 90K to 125,000 sign users, with no survey or research to back it up, when is fake news not fake news ? 

Apparently when a vested interest charity or dedicated focus group says so... they massage facts to emphasise a need for funds, promotion of sign, or awareness.  The current system as it stands works on the basis 'think of a number', double it, treble it, whatever, then see if others can disprove it, of course, surveys can't, no-one contributes to them.

Go Online, Hard of hearing (all 11m of them), vanished out of sight.... they all went deaf.... and used ASL !

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