Thursday, 11 May 2017

Dad gets CI tattoos..

Kenny Jr was fitted with his cochlear implants at 2 years old
A DAD got hearing aids tattooed on his head to look like his deaf son so he doesn’t feel different. Kenny Rapson, 36, says he wanted his son, also called Kenny, seven, to “feel like everyone else”.

Little Kenny was diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis in 2012 which left him unable to hear.  He was fitted with cochlear implants – small electronic devices which provide a sense of sound to a deaf person, at the age of just two-years-old.  Despite being a unique case which has seen him able to hear almost as clearly as a hearing child with them fitted, he said that he often finds people staring at him.

Kenny let his son help with the Captain America inspired design.  His dad, of Plymouth, Devon, said: “The main reason I’ve had it done is because I notice people looking at them more and more and even though Kenny doesn’t notice it at the moment, as he gets older he will.  “He likes Captain America so I let him choose that to go on mine – he helped me plan the whole thing.

“He was buzzing when I had it done, he said, ‘Daddy you’ve got them just like me’.” The dad, who is a carer to his son, added: “I’d do anything for my son as any father would.”

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