Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A BSL right to Fake News ?

Image result for fake newsThe recent campaign for the 'right to sign.' has gone beyond fact to fake news in the push for BSL.

Read this: "97% of young people think British Sign Language should be taught in school. "

The current statistic is 17.3m UK young people.  Will the 'right to BSL" area now provide ATR with the number of people THEY surveyed ? There is considerable doubt ANY Proof a survey has actually taken place.  When the website was taken to task to provide proof of a survey or numbers involved, they refused to respond. Their figures do  not stand any scrutiny. 

Maybe they should change the name of their campaign to #righttospin ?  For far too long the deaf campaigners in the UK have gone further and further away from providing any real proof of demand in education, degree of need or support, or, in actual numbers of deaf people reliant on sign language. We do not dispute adequate educational support is not there, we dispute the outrageous figures quoted.

Other outright exaggerations include:

(1) There are 125,000 BSL using deaf in the UK.  This has over an 8yr year period, gone up from guesstimated 10K, indeed the figures emanating from the cultural deaf activists, have trebled in the last 2 years. 

[Fact: The UK census claimed only 15,000 said they did in England, after BSL lobbyists defined the question themselves, however the question was NOT how many BSL reliant users in the UK but those who knew some BSL.]

(2) There are 10m deaf and HoH people.

[Think of a number time! Prove there isn't, is the sole response you get !   Again detail is ignored, the reality of estimated figures does not ask if the degree of loss needs support or on what level, the UK Social services say they don't estimate,and they meet the need presented,which stands at point 2% of their support services which include other sensory issues and other disability and MH issues]

The plain issue and the reality, is no survey ever undertaken in the UK or worldwide, has been able to survey a significant number of areas to make an estimate.  Hence the cultural deaf being able to declare whatever they want, and the ridiculous justification of saying prove differently, when they know there is no way to do so.  

Equally we can say the BSL lobby is deliberately falsifying statistics to the general public, it is now their turn to prove ATR wrong.  If you want facts consult fact-based and proven surveys not biased guesswork.

Fake news based on Fake statistics.  Only read facts at ATR.

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