Monday, 15 May 2017

12 tips on hearing Loss..

Probably the only area giving tips on hearing loss during 'Deaf Week', that DOESN'T include sign language. 

Albeit doesn't full explain that even lip-reading is far from being anything like 36% effective.  These tips actually rely on your proficiency to lip-read and you have done the class and course-work.. and NOT just relying on what your aid picks up.

12 tips on communicating with people with hearing loss

(1) Even if someone is wearing hearing aids it doesn't mean they can hear you perfectly. Ask if they need to lipread.

(2) Speak clearly but not too slowly, and don't exaggerate your lip movements – this can make it harder to lipread.

(3) Don't shout. It can be uncomfortable for hearing aid users and it looks aggressive.

(4) If someone doesn't understand what you've said, don't keep repeating it. Try saying it in a different way instead.

(5) Check that the person you're talking to is following you during the conversation. Use plain language and don't waffle. Avoid jargon and unfamiliar abbreviations.

(6) To make it easy to lipread, don’t cover your mouth with your hands or clothing.

(7) If you’re going on a date at a restaurant, find a suitable place to talk, with good lighting and away from loud speakers and distractions.

(8) Get the listener's attention before you start speaking, maybe by waving or tapping them on the arm.

(9) Use natural facial expressions and gestures.

(10) Make sure you have face-to-face contact with the person you are talking to.

(11) If someone is working with a BSL interpreter, always remember to talk directly to the person you are communicating with, not the interpreter.

(12) If you're talking to a group that includes deaf and hearing people, don't just focus on the hearing people.

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