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Uk's leading HoH Charity zeroed by Deaf activism ?

Image result for CRazy world !One response from the UK's AOHL charity forum, currently under fire for failing to represent the HoH and playing up to BSL campaigners for kudos instead...

"Well done mervyn for pointing out the fact that aohl videos only cater for sign language people and not hoh people. i thought all deaf people are classed as one but obviously not with aohl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is disgraceful and embarrassing to say they support all deaf people but they don't, all they are doing is selecting and supporting people who sign."

I gather that AOHL/RNID insisted they cannot remove 'Deaf' from their charity aim because it falls foul of equal rights and access laws, because state funding is applicable via enforcement of 'inclusion' policies.  But basically, questions would be asked as it was founded in 1911 for the deaf.  It did OK till the late 50s then the Deaf got the cultural gig going on.

The real 'Deaf' (Their terms not mine), would love the AOHL to exclude them, it would provide a coup and a lot of publicity gain for them, but the nettle has to be grasped, they aren't active members, they are anti-AOHL anyway.  The AOHL tried to play a blinder via re-naming its charity to a 'hearing loss' one with a feeble attempt to draw a fictitious line across the 'Loss', to suggest they are 'more inclusive' and in the process dropped the 'Deaf' from its title as a charity.  About the only time they scored against deaf signers, they suggested inclusion, something the Deaf activist could not oppose.

They screwed up via STILL retaining the term and title RNI(D)EAF for 'Royal' kudos and publicity value, thus zeroing the point of a revamp.   They were a laughing stock for a few years... Hardly presenting a professional outlook as a charity. Who would have though a few dozen BSL and cultural campaigners could hold a national charity to ransom like this ?  AOHL has lost all the high ground on awareness to them and their online presence has sidelined HoH too. Their ridiculous pink/purple splurge on re-vamp suggested it was a gay site not a hearing loss one.  Members offered to do the revamp for free but were ignored as the charity spent many thousands on this pointless and semi-political excersize a child could have done on a lunch break.

The issue of the state insisting the AOHL are an inclusive charity, that was a real cop out, as BSL groups operate openly as exclusive to sign using people and publish most of their output without HoH access or even content, they can still claim state help via 'disability' and 'cultural qualification', despite open challenges to the term disability being applied to them.  The AOHL had no answer to it and found a few signing activists had sidelined 9m HoH overnight.   The Deaf cultural activists attacking the medical models the RNID supported, purely for the social model gain, was based on funding not principle, was pretty blatant, given funding finances their cultural aims, taking advantage of HoH and deafened view, that hearing loss disables.

In effect, challenging the rules by which they claim support and welfare funding support openly, first playing culture against disability, and then playing the disability card to get cash for culture, under the condition they are disabled too.  The AOHL do understand what is going on hence occasional token BSL inclusion and an emphasis on HoH and assistive equipment, but as regards to representation they are third rate by default and it seems by choice more often than not, neatly utilising the Charity Commission rules of 'non-political' stances to avoid direct challenges to the BSL users, another area that has not bothered the BSL using deaf who run charities expressly FOR the reason of pressing for rights, a politcal aim....

The real reason is the respective HoH charities cannot project an HoH image mainstream can follow that is anywhere near as effective as someone using their hands to communicate, and can mobilise a crowd to open a fridge at the drop of a hat, whilst the HoH cannot maintain a club to attend with any sort of certainty..  The ear logo too, was always a millstone around HoH necks, loops, ? there are still loads of aid users who don't even ask for them or for them to be put on when they see them.... The AOHL publicises shortages, it doesn't publicize the apathy of the aid user in utilising them when access is there.   

Use or it lose it still applies too.   There is no impetus to continue wasting money on access that is never going to be used.  In essence, an insistence is abusing fairness, it is 'access for access sake', and drains funding away from access via demand. Lip-reading plugs are still constant but worse, since as recently pointed out, a lip-reading computer beat a HoH lip-reader 4 to 1 in recognizing mouth shapes, the system of tuition is rubbish, part time, not taken seriously, and fails most, the failure rate makes lip-reading tuition unviable in my view.   No other system would be deemed viable with such failure rates, and, there is nobody to ensure quality or clinical/psychological or educational assessment.  A lot has already lost out to text approaches.

The AOHL are desperate to project oral approaches to communication and lip-reading to 'counter' the image we all use sign language and to emphasises they are a HoH based charity now in all but approach.  That in itself is divisive, and a ready source of 'discrimination' and 'oppression' claims from Deaf people.   They need to be a lot more savvy in countering the cultural hype, especially as it is undermining the HoH support base and awareness causing hardship and misunderstandings.

AOHL/HoH support for CI's and genetic research also encourages 'Genocide' claims, and other claims HoH charities want to eradicate sign and culture too.  We know both BSL and LR are divisive modes in class set ups, bias, attendance, and content.  They won't adopt an inclusive approach to assisting people with hearing loss, the claims it is a personal choice is a lie too, as ability dictates, not choice.  I may choose to be a brain surgeon, it isn't going to happen.  The fact culture is applied to communication this way effectively ensures the twain will not meet. 

Most with hearing loss just want to regain social access, communication, and inclusion, they don't want history lessons. Putting HoH 'like with like' is rubber-stamping a status quo they are trying to avoid.  It is inward, not outward looking.  It is being aligned to the 'Deaf' approach which was honed on background the HoH never had so isn't working.  HoH want choices the Deaf don't.

The Deaf added insult to advance, by claiming communication support should be always accompanied by the obligatory plugs on the cultural past, despite 9 out of 10 of them with no cultural past at all.  They cannot be 'born again' cultural deaf, because their genetic line is HEARING.  If you want to join a really crazy world, the Deaf one is a great place to start, a place where hypocrisy is a right, or a HoH one where it is obligatory to do NOTHING and chase an impossible hearing dream by so doing.

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