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UK's charities failing deaf and HoH ?

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The AOHL needs someone moderating it and sorting out the mess that is its online 'face' website, I don't think the revamp it underwent a few years ago did anything at all for AOHL except give us all a pink/purple headache. 

It's social media area is pointless, and hardly used for real effect, that is because AOHL uses its sites to advertise for free help and funding as averse to getting stuck into issues that really concern us, like lack of edcuation, supprt, training, or communication help. Is it time to review the charity-people relationship ?

I for one do not want another mean-well jumping from a plane or sitting in a bath of baked beans to support me, get a life why don't you ? Do not beg in my name, I don't want your money.  What you can do costs nothing, and that is to respect and accept us.   Keep your pity for someone else.  Never heard of Deaf Pride ?

I think since it's set up in 1911 it was fair, if overly paternalistic in nature, work housing and institutions were still there for deaf until the 1960s, there was no campaign to end that.  The last 25 years its relentless 'business first' approach has seen its core base of HoH sidelined in access and support terms, and charity is playing up to business for cash, whilst playing catch-up with cultural aspirations because no-one knows what the HOH issue is.  Ear wax ? shortages of ear trumpets ? What ?  If we accept 9-10m HI in the UK exist out there, (And please let me know when you find them), then the charitable  membership seems rather poor in comparison, as do the other 'HoH' charities which frankly need to give up bothering, I can suggest at least 5 areas we can do without, all 'major' areas of Deaf or HoH online contact.  They exist because the internet says they do.

(1) NADP (They got to go).  Having had no point and no membership in the last 10 years, and never ran a credible campaign of any kind.

(2) HearingLink, All tupperware, twee coffee monrings, smocks, occasional lobbies for lip-reading classes, and stately home visits.  The amalgamation of Hearing Concern with Link removed the only real support deafened people had.  Deafened ceased to exist after that.

(3) The UKCoD isn't even a focus group,  just a vague 'umbrella' organisation set up, that excludes grass root core groups by financial default, and demands everyone goes to London to meet up.  A set up dedicated to 'collate' only the groups that can afford to join them, and has no power or voice at all, and would cease to function if any of the 4 main charities withdrew from it, the only reason for UKCoD existence is so that the main players can head hunt each other, or steal other people's expertise.  A corporate 'rat run' and 'asset-stripping' exercise in the name of charity.

(4) The RAD.  A charity set up to assist deaf people who sign in legal advice situations, that ignored deaf who did not sign, and had no regional offices outside southern England.  Attempted one in Wales that was never opened to deaf people, partly because the staff were always in commute to England so no-one manned it, there were veiled suggestions it was set up simply as a 'front' to gain funds, as it never advised a single deaf person and closed as quickly as it opened.. Has lost most of its legally trained staff, because mainline legal areas refused to train or support them.  What staff are left commute around England lecturing on  Deaf rights and culture, for a fee. Charging deaf people for legal advice invalidated its point.

(5) 237 regional assorted UK HoH/deaf Charities of indeterminate pointlessness, and that does not include 487 others who applied for charity status and funds but do not have to declare anything below a certain ridiculous high funding ceiling and membership.  Many of these with only 4 members in them, who suck the funding out of real support areas and duplicate each other, or just buy a computer with their money then fold months later.   80% of them totally unknown to Deaf or HoH areas.

Many try to usurp dedicated sites and many other specialist areas, Rather than direct people to specialists, this charity suggests IT is the specialist, because they can offer a link to them  i.e. after they ascertain if they can undertake the work and support instead first. One charity plagiarising others, and they are now ALL doing it.

There were 400,000 different plugs for these areas online, enough already.  If ever there was a case of the 'Emporer's New Clothes' you only have to look at Deaf and HoH charity sites.  The issue is the pathetic monitoring, or even setting of rules to qualify as a charity by the charity commission, who resisted independent scrutiny of its operations after grass roots complained they still had no support from them..

You could do it (Set up a charity), I could, no questions asked about our ability to deliver or viability of any support offered or qualified people.  If you are deaf you are a deaf expert apparently.   Plans put forward are never examined in detail or followed up.  Typical applications can be "To assist deaf and HoH"  Nobody asks assisting them to do WHAT exactly ?  There was one in wales set up with £17,000 grant and nobody offered to run it, except a ffew bored students, they set up a website and offered links to disability transport/train offers that anyone could have looked up in 5 minutes. The group and their computer vanished after 4 months.   So did the rest of the money.

The UK government is desperate to unload all responsibilities for deaf or disabled support, so they do not have to fund any themselves, it is in their interests to perpetuate charity, a double win-win, if charities fail, charities get the blame, but it is you and me paying the real price.  It is said the only real point of charity is in its desire to become obsolete, but what we see is a self-perpetuating dependency and reliance system carrying on and on and on.  Charity is now as much an issue as the people who discriminate against us.  They are now part of the problem not any solution.

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