Thursday, 16 March 2017

Taking BSL to Hearing Children

Not only do all deaf sign, none of them speak or use lip-reading.  Are we sure this is real awareness ? Probably the prime reason deaf awareness is viewed misleading.

WALK into Zebra class at Brimsdown primary and you won’t hear a pin drop.  The 30-strong class of 10 and 11 year-olds are learning sign language with their deaf teacher Lisa Smith.  Lisa doesn’t use her voice, but her expressive signing and engaging lesson – about flags and food from all over the world - has every pupil in the class transfixed.

“It’s fun and it’s nice to be quiet sometimes,” said Ilayda Elbudak, 10, who is hearing, like most of the Enfield 3-form entry school, but has been learning British Sign Language for three years.  Her peer, Hamza Kizilboga, said: “I like the way it helps us communicate with deaf people and it’s fun.”

The school in Green Street, Enfield is leading the way with deaf teaching. They have had ’Hirbie’ (Hearing impairment resource base in Enfield) for ten years where young hearing impaired and deaf children were taught.

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