Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Living in a parallel world.

A number of academics and sociologists, think deaf schools ruin it for deaf people.  

The whole system of deaf education seems a hotch-potch of cultural argument, and the state insisting they be included without back up, and without encouraging hearing or deaf to make real effort. Throwing deaf and hearing together and expecting they will find own level. They don't, they maintain the status quo.

Many deaf leaving deaf education never manage successfully in mainstream, so that is an indictment of it, but mainstream them isn't working either.    It is easy to blame other areas as to why this happens.  Maybe the unpalatable truth, is the will is not there.

There is little doubt sign is highly beneficial for born deaf, but the application and deaf educational approaches are counter-mainstream in nature, as it does not accept the reality that is mainstream, and how can deaf manage without that understanding, that context, or the skills to address the problems it presents. Sign usage is still only effective via 'support', and still reliant and socially viable, via restricting to peers in your social life.  The fact remains the elephant in the room is that 'third party' support.

UK Deaf schools have been decimated over the years, but the state slipped up leveling the playing fields and offering real inclusion in closing them, by not providing back up in the class, or real-time interactions within mainstream, this gave cultural activism a cause celeb.  It legitimised opposition and division, provided 'proof' deaf aren't included.   The specialist staff did NOT move into mainstream to continue that support, they did instead, retire or go free-lance, fragmenting continuity.  Class tuition one on one approaches, or in annex's, compounded the image of deaf staying apart.   Deaf needed to be apart to function properly.

Technology is wonderful, with that NO-ONE knows you are deaf (At least online !), but it needs to be taken in perspective, even using it to hold down a job, you can get deaf complaining it hasn't leveled any playing field between them and hearing co-workers in any social context, thus  Deaf feel isolated within mainstream because they had no skills to attempt interaction, they relied on others doing that, making 'team' effort very difficult to achieve, employers see that negatively, even deaf failing to make effort themselves causing disharmony. The onus is near always on everyone else, not the deaf.

They can learn lessons from those who acquire deafness and do not sign as to how to at least attempt integration and communication, but the community support the y get from each other, makes them feel who needs it ? The deaf have the technology it still doesn't  work effectively. Misunderstandings can multiply, deaf can still feel discriminated against, and this is because they lack awareness of hearing contexts/etiquette to what goes on, and lack any confidence to engage without help, be it physical or technological.  It's a conundrum they call their status choice.

They have little idea of hearing protocols or social norms they have, deaf education focused on deaf communication, i.e. deaf communicating to each other, but without taking into account, that outside educational tuition support, hearing were doing very different things, there is no 'hearing awareness' in deaf education, and deaf awareness is bias, and unviable, it's not inclusive itself. The ridiculous approach of making 'visits to hearing areas' with class peers, then calling it inclusion is obscene, and achieves nothing,  deaf just carry on relating to themselves.  A day out to see how others live, then back to your 'norm'.

Unless you work in a sign exclusive area, you have got a real issue to address holding down a job or training for one, you won't have the skills to proceed. Education without communication.  This is the prime failure of deaf education, being unrealistic in expectation or accepting deaf go to the deaf world, end of story.  The approach seems to be, that mainstream must adjust to deaf, and not vice versa, because 'deaf cannot do that..' they have already accepted it won't work, they start from a point of negativity, but even enabling some deaf areas, they will still feel when they clock off their jobs, they can retire to some 'deaf space' after, so continuity of interaction is never really there.  The mindset is all deaf.

If you live in a parallel world then everything becomes problematic even academic after, equality, access and inclusions become relative.  Maybe cultural deaf need to accept they never will be equal or included in any real sense of the terms, because their culture relies on them not integrating to most part of it.  They don't have the one on one skills to make it work.  They are happy where they are, but are they ?  They are not because they want equality without the effort and that doesn't happen, so blame is the name of the game..

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