Saturday, 11 March 2017

In defence of HoH..

Image result for Thought policeCan someone explain who is still rational in the 'Deaf' world the reason, for current attacks on HoH 'terms' via some petty and deluded terminological warfare currently being waged by Last Hiccup (Undone by their audist tagging, a sure sign they lost the plot and, there is NO Power struggle only in your mind), and Ella (Undone by her refusal to include, so discriminating against other deaf people in the name of her culture, I'd suggest staying out of the kitchen when the heat is on..).

Do not be fooled by these people purporting to champion culture, but with own agendas and paranoias, who use sign to engender support for extreme views. The latest people in a long line of the deaf activism which uses deafhoods and audisms (All invented words without basis),  for misleading hearing loss and deaf awareness promotion.

It is easy for people to play to own gallery and insist paranoia is quite a legitimate issue to have to enforce deaf cultural aspirations, none have the courage of conviction to make themselves accessible and thus have to defend what they say to others who may well not know what they are saying.  We DON'T buy it.  Should we encourage all feedback ignoring signed access, treat fire, with fire, why would I NOT be surprised they would then call it discrimination ?  Is not what they are doing the same thing ?

Aka my wife doesn't understand me ? or maybe we understand YOU too well !?  Labels are damaging to Deaf people ?  Was it not the cultural area that started the whole stupid D/d/Audism/Deaf hood set up itself ?  damaging access for millions of others with hearing loss, by monopolising awareness and support, labeling US ?   These divisionists need to get a handle on real issues deaf HoH are worried about instead of searching out ways to take pot shots at others who don't share their view ?  since THAT is the real reason for going at HoH.

You attack the term you attack the people in it, it's a view culture holds too.  To suggest HoH labels them is ridiculous or discriminates, and shouldn't be used is way out of line, the real problem is the total abuse of the term D/deaf by cultural inclined, and nobody knows what deafness means, the clarifications were lost years ago, so ANYONE with a hearing loss can be deaf or Deaf now.  Having realised deaf still stands for profound hearing loss, the approach seems to be 'Let's attack all labels that ID people that deafness isn't a choice or right or even a medical issue..'   The term HoH is not theirs to decide about.  We do not accept the D approaches and have to spend too much time already correcting support systems and awareness classes who lie and mislead..

It is disappointing some cultural deaf have assumed the position, that the best way to promote culture is to 'weed' out those who don't sign, or allude to the view deafness is disabling, and god help them if they retain a remote visage of hearing or speech.

Perhaps cultural 'Deaf' SHOULD go own way and stop interfering with HoH issues, support, emancipation, or hearing loss awareness ?  (staying out of medical support for others and alleviation would be appreciated too, if you don't want it, DON'T take it, end of, we will continue to support these things), because above all, it a right of choice, something signers should, but aren't comfortable with but that is their problem.  

It was e.g. always a lie support such as CI's etc is forced on people, that may be true in non-sophisticated countries NOT the USA or UK, where the option is taken via parents.  NOT welcome were cultural attacks on parents for it.  If you understand the sheer cost of implantations and the reluctance of systems to cover those costs, you will find coercion and 'brainwashing' claims ridiculous, and false, the systems spend their time deterring implants to save money, they would be only too happy to leave children deaf.  A number of born deaf are demanding them as well.

Who are these 'problem people' who hide behind language, culture,  and background, even preferred isolation to attack others ?  the disenchanted ? the disenfranchised ? the plain isolated hitting back in frustration and anger ?   That would be all of them.  These people are basically sad people, cowards, they are hypocrits too, because they prosper via using support and funding intended to help those with hearing loss and other disabled people too.. Culture is not standing alone, it is standing and existing on the support for others with hearing loss. but maintaining some aloof or elitist pose, that is frustrating.

Over the years 'Deaf' activists oppose disablity as a term.  If that does not apply to you, then OK, but it IS an accepted term for many HoH or severely and acquired deaf, so get with it, stop claiming disability welfare and funding too, at least offer some semblance of principle..  Only by 'Deaf' REALLY isolating themselves from other people's areas can we all move on, and offer real ID status, that is a horrific option, as this will offer discrimination to those deaf who have no intention of being marthyrs to some cause celeb by Deaf extremes.  It is not possible anyway.

You cannot differentiate, sign is no longer the sole domain of deaf culture, they no longer own it, and it is taught by hearing, and sign courses organised by them, but used by many others with hearing loss, what annoys purists is the HI/HoH don't view it as intrinsic to culture but just another tool of communication, sign no longer identifies clearly enough with culture, so it offers issues when HOH use it.  Here in so-called 'civilized' areas, we are the only people actually questioning sign use with HoH to this degree.  

If activism by Deaf continues this way, then requests will go to support areas and charities to isolate 'Deaf' from everyone else with hearing loss, to promote harmony and clarity, and an end to the Deaf and HoH remit, this would pitch people against each other in the name of equality, a concept Deaf still do not really understand or can manage.  If they wanted real equality and access they would be encouraging others, and they don't, just offer up 'concerns' about who uses what word to describe someone else, you could understand it, if it was derogatory this is just dubious dogma, a sub-dept of the 'Deaf thought police'.

This would be a damaging indictment of deaf cultural aspiration, who do not seem to have got rid of their sign extremists and use culture as a blunt tool to express bile and create problems of harmony and unity.  It's clear the omission of access in vlogs for other deaf is the 'Deaf way' of retaining their clique approach to everything, but it would in the end, restrict freedom of choice and access to their own membership.  

There is no real 'fun' preaching to the converted, and worse promoting the suggestion we are all out to get them or something !   Deaf independence comes with issues, we do not think Deaf want these issues or the image of being discriminatory of others, I think that will kill off access for culture who would be isolated by default, and restrict opportunity for signing deaf, we don't all want to prisoners of culture, there is a world out there, and the idea of existing in a very narrow world 'In' there isn't really viable or wanted....  

Progress will/has rendered such oppositions pointless, at the end of the day, deaf will choose for themselves and a happy isolation is a system no-one wants.  We want the same as everyone else, but must accept we will have to manage the same limitations too.  Nobody gets all they ask for. 

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