Saturday, 4 March 2017

Disability/Welfare 0 Culture 1

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But who wins ?  More horror stories emerging from the welfare assessments area for deaf people, being removed and support drying up.  UK Deaf claimants here after losing PIP claim, which is replacing a Disability living Allowance benefit, are now bing told his ESA (A welfare benefit to assist job-hunting), can been stopped as well, the DWP said 'You are only deaf, it isn't an illness...' 

Must be scary for those cultural deaf who have been insisting this has always the case. Deaf are NOT disabled, any disablement comes from hearing people's oppressions etc.   Now the state has recognised their ID and culture, they have interpreted the cultural dogma as Deaf no longer needing support either, welcome to the hearing world, since welfare benefits are only paid if they are deemed disabled people, as a result.  You don't get welfare for oppression. 

Sadly, there are as usual,  winners and losers, those deaf who do need considerable support have been sold out by their activists, who will no doubt complain everyone is against them again, whilst the more vulnerable, will have huge issues of managing one day to the next.

The reality is you cannot reject the disabling factor, and then still claim disability and welfare support, it doesn't work that way.  The collateral damage also extends to deafened and HI who are being treated as the same areas as cultural deaf by the state, due to misleading 'Deaf' awareness, and absurd claims of sign language usage as the main tool of everyone with a hearing loss.  The reality is those with issues emerging from severe losses are getting nothing either.

This can only feed resentment at those Deaf activists who are ignoring day to day realities for others with hearing loss, and promoting endless divisions to prove some point or other, and ignoring the fact they rely on other people too.  Be it work, education, travel or social, now you will have to find your own way.  Once again the weaker hearing loss areas are suffering by the arrogance and ignorance of the few.  Not what ATR calls 'community', more, I'm all right Jack...

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