Friday, 10 March 2017

Butt out of HoH issues !

This vlog is to explain in depth about why it is not okay for anyone to decide for those deaf people, who are learning to hear for themselves, by suggesting the removal of Hard of Hearing label from within our Deaf community.

ATR: I'm in agreement, ASL born deaf and their silly D/d declarations, have no qualification or experience to give an opinion on HoH/HI or any other non-sign using areas.  And as the poster and others noted, when taken to task these areas clam up, blank you, block you, or retreats to the sign area to claim we challenge them.  If they are going to make sweeping declarations about others, then, they are fair game too aren't they ?  Many thanks for captions.     

Ella TAKE NOTE !  Access is for everyone... ASL alone won't do, and it is disrespectful to omit the very people you are talking about.  The root of all issues are these abysmal Deafhood areas, extremists to a man/woman. Anti-CI's, anti-Hearing aids, anti-speech, Anti-oral use, hatred for a man dead the last 100 yrs, living in the 200 yr old discriminatory past, and anti-genetics etc, now anti-HoH via their terminological warfare dept.  Is there ANY area they DO support except their own ?  They must be really really scared about equality, they would be redundant.

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