Friday, 10 March 2017

Avoid the 24th March

How many deaf I wonder will be watching or contributing to the abysmal 'Red Nose' beggarthon on 24th March ?  Probably too many !

We yearn for the time when deaf had an appearance or at least a semblance of pride, and refused to participate in one red nose telethon on the grounds it exploited deaf children. About the only reason HoH watch it, is because it is captioned.

Red Nose day/week whatever is a national excersize in patronisation, it lacks too, a moral compass, in that it refuses to recognise the cause of most issues of people with a disability or a hearing and profound loss, is a refusal by our own people to accept and include.  Maybe if Red Nose ran a show to encourage people to do that instead of asking them to donate money to perpetuate reliance on handouts we might see the point of it.

I am sure there will be people immediately outraged on this attack on what is really, an excuse for the worst exhibit of smug satisfaction on our TV screens, which is basically any excuse for the same, tired old faces, to get a free plug on media, many of whom we had consigned to z celeb status, or we thought died years ago, and whose jokes were flat enough 15 years ago.  It's a cynical exhibition of media hyping itself.  Another chance to see, patronise, feel good, then a 12 month break until the next time you feel that sitting in a bathtub of baked beans is doing your bit for equality....  It seems heresy to suggest we don't want any money at all, but the fact is we don't, we need a mind-set change.

Would it not be a Good idea to run a whole day's TV dedicated to highlighting the failure of charities to fight your corner ? or, the cull of 3-6,000 of disabled, killed by the iniquitous welfare approaches by a state, who stopped caring about its most vulnerable and wants them out of the way instead, maybe highlight the fact 68% of deaf and disabled will never get work experience or even a job of use ?  Deaf and HoH UK children denied access to an education, but that's fine we fund dozens of deaf schools in Africa. Why, we even send mentors using BSL to them...

Let's completely ignore the 6,000 families every day queuing up at food banks for their next meal, or the 6,000 young people sleeping on the streets, or even the Vets dismissed now they have done their job and been disabled for life, risking their lives for errant politicians.  The complete con act of the UK helping the world's worse off at the sheer expense of eliminating it's own, using cuts to welfare and support for UK deaf and disabled to suggest we are latter-day saints in the UK.  £12B cut from disabled and deaf support, and .... £12B donated to overseas aid.... of course there is no link is there ?  Your sharing caring UK has manged to fund at least 3 major India programs on rocket research, so they can threaten Pakistan..

Can we see these red nose comedians make a joke of that.. Gone rather quiet hasn't it ?

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